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Dear Mrs. Cushman,

I must say that your talk blew me away! After all I’d read and all the podcasts and YouTube videos I’d watched about Montessori approaches, I believed that positive discipline and Montessori were NOT mutually exclusive. You have opened my eyes. As I’m introducing Montessori home-preschooling, I have been concurrently trying positive discipline approaches with my 3&1/2-year-old daughter to no avail. But what I just heard you say makes absolute sense to me; and I wanted to thank you for bringing true Montessori discipline to my attention and the attention of other parents and teachers.

Thank you,
Mindy Walker

Good Afternoon,


I just watched your video on the childhood potential conference.  It was wonderful.  I’m tired of Montessorians pushing Positive Discipline and Redirecting Children’s Behavior as an end all to discipline with children!  I share your views and it was so refreshing to hear a Montessorian say it like it is!  I have been a Montessori teacher and teacher trainer for over 30 years and  own my  school for about 35 years.  I just purchased the Effective Discipline and your American History book.  I intend to share your book with my adult students and with my teachers at the school. 


Thank you for bringing Montessori teachers back to reality!!!

Montessori Teacher

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