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The Four Main Areas of the Pre-elementary Classroom

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Mathematics

  • Language

A Few Montessori Lessons

  • Three Period Lesson

  • The Nomenclature Material

  • Teach Me to Read

  • The Silence Game

Child Development

  • Sensitive Periods

  • Reality

  • Order

  • Concentration

  • Repetition

  • Choice Making

  • Independence

  • Work and the Child

  • Imagination

  • How the Young Child Communicates

  • The Child's Concept of Time

  • Separation Anxiety

The Learning Process

  • Touch

  • Taking the Initiative in Learning

  • Does Speed Indicate Intelligence?

  • To Think or Not to Think

  • Creativity

  • Movement

  • Flashcards--Are They Okay?


The Montessori Method

  • The Purpose of Education

  • Who Was Maria Montessori?

  • The Montessori Materials

  • The Individual Montessori Child

  • How the Montessori Classroom Evolves Throughout the Year

  • The Role of the Montessori Educator

  • The Very Young Child in Montessori


Why it Matters for Your Child's Success and Happiness

Interference in the Learning Process

  • Let Your Child Fail

  • The Helicopter Parent

  • Pushing Children to Learn--Is It Okay?

  • Over-Correction

  • Late to School...Again?

  • Computers

  • Television


  • What is Self-Esteem?

  • Praise


  • Consequences

  • Time-Outs

  • "Saying No Will lHurt Their Self-Esteem"

  • "The Strong Willed Child"

  • Rewards

  • Patience


Parental Concerns

  • "Thirty Children!  Isn't That Too Many?"

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • "What did you do at school today?"  "Oh nothing."

  • "I'm Bored."

  • "My Child Says He Has Done Everything in the Classroom."

  • "My Child Doesn't Have Any Friends."


How Long Should My Child Stay in Montessori?

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School

  • Middle School

Beyond School

  • Summer

  • Montessori in Action

Quick Referrals

  • How Can I Help My Child at Home?

  • Tips for the "Helping Too Much" Syndrome

  • Fostering Self-Esteem in Children

Social Development

  • Social Interaction in a Montessori School

  • Sharing

  • The Excluded Child

  • Humor in the Montessori Classroom

  • Anger

  • Apologizing

  • "Tattle-tales"

  • Uniforms



  • Ages and Stages

  • If Your Child Can't Read, It Might Be His Hearing Even if He Hears

  • How to Encourage Your Child to Think

  • Advantages of Books, Harmful Effects of Electronics

  • Standards for Television Viewing

  • Can You Tell the Difference?

  • Accomplishments of Montessori Kindergarten Children


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